Here Just A Few Testimonials From Happy Family Members

As a resident at Memory Lane Cottage, I would like to express my appreciation for the efficient and compassionate care I received between May and August, 2016. During my stay at the Cottage, I received the most efficient medical treatment daily which included the dissemination of medicine (prescribed by my doctor) and provisions for transportation to medical appointments.
Your attempts to provide a variety of activities that allowed me to engage in the outside world, was a significant factor in my rehabilitation. Activities such as trips to the Library, invitations that solicited musical artists to perform opportunities to engage in various arts and craft activities were all valuable opportunities, encouraging us to connect to the outside world. While the meals were delicious, it was always obvious that nutrition was most important.

Among my many valuable experiences, I most appreciate the way both of you aggressively
Interceded and advocated in my best interest with relationship to family, insurance organizations as well as with other obligations that were necessary to remain solvent in the outside world.  I consider my successful rehabilitation at the cottage to have been enhanced and accelerated by these and other experiences at Memory Lane Cottage.

A. Hawkins, Retired Emeritus Professor,
University of South Florida

A few years back as my mom entered her 80’s, her memory began to diminish. At first, it was slow and we, her family, worked had to overlook any imperfections. But by her 81st birthday, her short comings were undeniable and we all knew she was going to need help if we were to keep her safe. So, we hired caregivers to come to her home and stay with her in the mornings and again in the late afternoon and evening. She didn’t want to move out of her house, about that she was clear, but she did accept, reluctantly, the caregivers. And, for a few years, actually, this worked very well and we were able to comply with her wishes to remain at home. But dementia is as unrelenting as night after sunset and by age 85, we were left with no option other than yet another disruption in her and our lives. We convinced ourselves that a memory care facility was not necessary and we chose instead assisted living.
So, for the next 12 months she lived in a rather large facility that provided good care for residents as long as they were only marginally impaired. Laundry, meals, meds, bath help, maid service and visiting physicians were provided and someone looked in on her every few hours during the night. All the necessities, yes, but very little in the way of fun. We visited twice a week for a few hours. She was mostly happy and complained infrequently, but she seemed, well, bored and not very contented. And as her family, we were not very satisfied either. It was as if somehow, even though we were providing everything she needed, we were still letting her down. Playing Solomon was extraordinary difficult and now, in her 86th year, we made the decision to move her again.

This led to a search for a memory care facility that could meet all of her basic needs, but still incorporate a little fun and some individual attention into her life. We wanted a smaller, homier place, yet with a larger and more attentive staff. So, we searched and failed. And then failed again. And again. And, I don’t know, many times more. Then we visited Memory Lane Cottage.

Now, at 87 she once again has a home. She has fun. She has friends. Her life is full of other people who actually care if she’s having a good day. Did she enjoy her meal? Would she like a Coke? Let’s work a puzzle, color a picture, or play a game and on and on. No more boredom, but actual active and interesting days.

Life is a collection of small enjoyments, of little pleasantries that enhance our days and allow us sleep filled nights. So, it begs the question, if this were gone from your mom or dads life and you then had an opportunity to bring it back, what value would this have to you? What would giving back to them provide to you? It’s emotionally a bit overwhelming. That’s because it’s real. You feel it. You ache to make it so.

Alone, I couldn’t give this. It was just too big and too complicated. One person cannot be many people. But, on the other hand, if you have a team…. And that is just what I found at Memory Lane Cottage. A team and it works and it wins. There is a bit of irony, I suppose, in that while I searched for contentment for my mom, I found it for me. So, to Memory Lane Cottage and the entire staff, all of you wonderful folk who provide so much, thank you. Your kindness and your caring does not go unnoticed and, truly, it is appreciated beyond measure.

Sincerely,  James K

"I am so happy to have found this place. We moved our mother here from an assisted living when her memory got too bad. What a difference and in a good way. The staff is so friendly and spend their day interacting with the residents by engaging them in games and activities for hours. The place is new and kept very clean. I really like that it is a smaller facility. Everybody gets personal attention. My mother is more alert and has adjusted extremely well. She has quit talking about going home. Maybe because she feels more at home in this facility."

Sincerely, Ellen

When you have the opportunity could you send me the video's of Mother doing the Zumba class? This way I can send it out to the family and friends of Mom's, and also have a great memory to hold onto of Mom.   I so appreciate everything you and the facility are doing for my Mother, it has made me feel so secure and confident about the move I have made in her behalf.

Thank you, Cindy