O. B. McCoin

O. B. McCoin is one of the Co-Managers of Memory Lane Cottage, LLC which owns and operates the Memory Lane Cottage projects. He is also Managing Partner for Facility Investments, LLC, a company dedicated to the acquisition and development of healthcare and related properties including senior housing and memory care. Mr. McCoin has 35+ years of experience in this field involving more than $2 billion worth of healthcare real estate assets, both domestically and internationally. Mr. McCoin is the developer of Memory Lane Cottage and responsible for its planning, design and development.

Prior to his role with Facility Investments, Mr. McCoin was with HealthCare REIT (NYSE: HCN) as Senior Vice President – Project Development. His three year tenure with HealthCare REIT was a result of that company’s acquisition of Windrose Medical Properties Trust (NYSE: WRS). Following HCN’s acquisition of Windrose, Mr. McCoin led the integration of HADC as its President and CEO with HCN ultimately transitioning day-to-day leadership and management. Windrose Medical Properties Trust was also a healthcare real estate investment trust formed by Mr. McCoin and two partners which grew to more than $1 billion in assets in approximately four years before being acquired by HealthCare REIT in 2006.

Within Windrose Medical Properties Trust was Hospital Affiliates Development Corporation (HADC), a company that evolved since the mid 1970s and became a subsidiary of Windrose when it was formed and went public in 2002. In addition to his role within HADC, Mr. McCoin served as Executive Vice President of Windrose. At Windrose, HADC was responsible for the evaluation of all potential acquisitions and planning/development of new medically related properties. Prior to Windrose, HADC was an independently owned company by Mr. McCoin and others. During that time frame, HADC planned, designed, developed and equipped healthcare and senior facilities for third parties and its own account. Mr. McCoin was the President and CEO of HADC for 20 plus years dating back to the early 1980s. Prior to his promotion to President and CEO, Mr. McCoin served in various other roles at HADC from its inception within Hospital Affiliates International (HAI), an internationally and nationally recognized hospital and long term care operating company.

During the 1980s, HADC worked exclusively with Forum Group in the planning and development of its senior housing facilities and hospitals. During this time frame, HADC also worked exclusively with Liberty Mutual in partnership with Affiliates Group, Inc. in the development of continuing care retirement communities, congregate living and nursing homes. During the 1990s, HADC worked exclusively with National Guest Homes in the planning and development of approximately 25 assisted living facilities. In addition to his developer role, Mr. McCoin was a principal with National Guest Homes and one of its three owners until sale of the company. In addition to these national entities, HADC worked with independent providers in the planning and development of senior related properties domestically and internationally through its consolidation into Windrose. Mr. McCoin also had individual ownership in some of these properties.

Prior to joining HADC, Mr. McCoin spent six years in state government involved in healthcare facility planning, certification and licensure. Prior to working in state government, he worked in the industry as a structural engineer. He holds a BS Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee and a MPA Degree from Western Kentucky University.